Here is my ongoing collection of DN Dailys (Also, click Here for works posted at and Here for works on Youtube):

DN Daily is my daily practice; it is a way for me to carve out at least a little time for experimentation and discovery every day (almost) – and without worrying about an end product. Each day I go into the studio and try to focus an hour on SOME kind of task/topic/idea, whether it be technical, artistic or conceptual.  Some Dailys are purely electronic, others acoustic, and some combine the two; I sometimes make a Daily in two parts, splitting up acoustic/electronic parts over two days.

Even though there is no pre-defined “end product,” I nevertheless document what I’ve done at the end of that hour so I have that record (my memory is terrible). That is what I’ve uploaded here: these are raw tracks, no heavy mixing, mastering or otherwise getting them to a “finished” state. I call these sound “swatches” because it’s usually enough so that if I revisit again, I can see the base materials and have it be the starting point for a new endeavor.

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