The recording by Bryce Beverlin II and Don Nichols on Bicephalic Records can be found here

Released Aug 19, 2014
Free-sound found-improv. Percussion and mouths doing pleasing things together. Eloquent summations from the source:

Don Nichols and Bryce Beverlin II have been improvising together since their percussion quartet Quadrivium formed in 1996 in Chicago. They have continued their collaboration in venues such as the Spark Festival at the University of Minnesota, School of Music in Piteå Sweden, Tuesday Series for Free Improvisation in Minneapolis, E3 Series in Lafayette Indiana, and Sushi Performance and Visual Art in San Diego. Although they have primarily improvised together in live settings, Don and Bryce have also explored internet and telephone technology for long-distance performance. They have most recently forayed into studio work with the recording “Fortments,” released on Bicephalic Records.

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